Globe Artichoke ... the King of Vegetables
Globe Artichokes
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Enjoy the scrumptious versatility risotto provides. Being presented either as a fabulous entrée or main meal, risotto is a guaranteed winner. Globe Artichoke risotto makes a hearty dinner ideal for vegetarians, as artichokes are high in iron, niacin, phosphorus and potassium; simply remove any meat and add in extra vegetables. We have used different, exciting and tasty ingredients combined with rice infusing diverse flavours and textures. A perfect dish to enjoy with friends or at the end of a long working day!
Artichoke,Scallop & Lemon Risotto
Chicken,Artichoke & Mushroom Risotto
Artichoke,Chicken & Vegetable Risotto
Ginger,Lemon Grass,Crab & Artichoke Risotto
Artichoke, Ham & Asparagus Risotto with Goats Cheese
Artichoke & Chilli Prawn Risotto
Beef, Artichoke & Mushroom Risotto with Boy Choy
Artichoke & Tuna Risotto with Baby Peas
Artichoke Risotto with Pumpkin & Fresh Sage
Artichoke Risotto with Wild Mushrooms
Artichoke & Pesto Risotto
Artichoke & Lemon Risotto
Artichoke,Tomato & Bacon Risotto
Artichoke & Meatballs Risotto
Artichoke, Chicken & Spring Vegetables Risotto
Artichoke Risotto with Chorizo, Fennel & Goat’s Cheese
Artichoke,Pumpkin & Baby Pea Risotto with Goat’s Cheese
Three Mushroom & Artichoke Risotto
Orange-Duck,Artichoke & Spinach Risotto
Artichoke, Bacon & Saffron Risotto
Salmon & Artichoke Risotto with Green Peppercorns
Artichoke, Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Risotto with Pine Nuts
Lemon, Artichoke & Salmon Risotto with Chives