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Globe Artichokes
R & J Mazza Pty Ltd
Varieties For many years we have grown and harvested a traditional purple variety of globe artichoke, which was propagated annually. However, today there are many alternative varieties available commercially, which are not only superior in quality and flavour but are available for a longer period of the year. However, due to much research and trial, we have chosen to grow only a few of these new globe artichoke varieties. This selection has proven to be our favourites and thrive in the Werribee South district climate. Below is a description of globe artichokes which we grow and harvest and which are proven to be our best sellers. Please note that they are not the variety names, but only our code which we use to distinguish and market our crops.
Green Globe G20 This attractive globe artichoke is our most popular variety. It is deep purple at the base, gradually fading to a green at the tip. This globe is round with tight, involucral, curved encasing bracts. It has thick edible flesh at the lower bracts, is very tender and ideal for steaming, baking or used for its heart. It is perfect for stuffing or steamed and eaten dipped in a vinaigrette. Consumers will find this variety is available for a longer period of the year.
Purple Globe Spinosa This majestic globe artichoke definitely has to be the most magnificent and spectacular looking variety. It is a deep royal purple in colour and more refined in taste than its green relatives. The striking bracts have a small soft thorn at their tips which softens in the cooking process. Although it has slightly less edible flesh at the bract’s base, the flavour is superior to other varieties and is well worth any cooking effort. This variety is best consumed baked, steamed or boiled as their fleshy bracts are tasty and it would be a waste to use only their heart which is smaller in size than the other varieties.
Green Globe Pina This artichoke is one of our ‘new selections’, which we are excited to grow, harvest and introduce to our customers. This impressive variety is becoming increasingly popular with our consumers and agents. It has a paler green roundish globe which is very tender, making almost the entire globe edible. Its bracts are flattish but compact and have thick, highly flavoursome edible flesh at their base. It has a dense meaty stem which is also edible and is packed with vitamins. This is an ideal artichoke to cook whole, making it ideal for steaming or baking. It can either be stuffed or dipped in vinaigrette, otherwise used only for its tender ‘sweetheart’!
New Varieties We are constantly conducting trials with the expectation to introduce other artichoke varieties which look, taste and perform better than our current varieties; those that will suit our fields and local climate conditions. We recognise that varietal characteristics such as colour, size, appearance, flavours, timing of maturity, weather tolerance and pest resistance are very important in our trials. Our intention is to supply our consumers with exciting new choices!
Green Globe Bella This artichoke is another of our ‘new varieties’, which we are also pleased to produce and sell this season. This variety was included in our trials last year which received excellent feedback. This striking variety has a brighter green colour with a longer shaped globe. It is a very tender globe which minimises cooking time, and has a great amount of edible flesh on the bracts. Its stem is also very tender and tasty and should be included in any dish. The bracts are longer than other varieties and not as compact, but are extremely flavoursome and very sweet. It cooks well either steamed or baked whole, but the heart can be also used for other dishes.
Globe Picklers Picklers are our baby artichokes which are picked before they grow to full size. These are ideal for consumers who require the heart and surrounding tender bracts for their recipes or for preserving. As these are baby artichokes, there should be little or no choke to remove.