Globe Artichoke ... the King of Vegetables
Globe Artichokes
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Globe Artichokes have a sweet heart which is encased by layers of bracts

resembling an armoured crown.

The globe artichoke is one of the most intriguing and unique vegetable both in appearance and nutritional value. It has been consumed for centuries, and although its important nutrients were highly recognised and prized in ancient history, unfortunately many people in the modern world are not aware of the numerous health benefits the globe artichoke can offer, nor of its distinctive and delicious taste. The globe artichoke is an impressive-looking globe-shaped vegetable, brilliantly created with many layers of bracts (leaf-like structures) which, similar to an armoured crown, encases and protects a delicate, edible, sweet heart. The globe artichoke is actually the plant’s flower which is picked prematurely. If allowed to flower, this plant produces an attractive purple thistle-like bloom, often used in flower arrangements. There are many artichoke varieties, colours and shapes available on the commercial market, but we have only chosen the varieties which suit our climate and sales, while offering premium flavours. Globe artichokes may seem daunting to prepare, but guided by our preparation and cooking techniques, they will not be difficult, and the flavour and health properties are well worth any effort. This website has recipes and different preparation methods which will assist you to create and enjoy some delicious dishes which include the globe artichoke.
Antioxidants & Artichokes According to the Heart Foundation, their Summary of Evidence report states that cooked vegetables often reduce nutritional quality. Heating can result in oxidation, degradation or leaching that may lead to lower levels of antioxidants and other components. However, when cooked the GLOBE ARTICHOKE increased its total antioxidant capacity (TAC) by 500%. AMAZING! This report is on their website (see page 11)

Health & Nutrition

Globe artichokes are very ancient vegetables which have been used medicinally for centuries. Their health benefits are numerous; they contain more antioxidants then red wine, are high in plant protein, they improve digestive health disorders and are high in iron, niacin and phosphorus.
Globe Artichokes are best eaten with good friends and a glass of red wine!