Globe Artichoke ... the King of Vegetables
Globe Artichokes
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Preparing Globe Artichokes to Cook the Whole Globe Slice 1 cm off the top of the artichoke with a knife, then trim the remaining leaves with a scissors to remove the thorns (if any). Cut off the stem at the base off the artichoke, but do not discard. Slightly spread the leaves open and rinse under a running tap. Stand upside down on a paper towel or kitchen sink to drain. Once artichoke is prepared, either for stuffing, steaming or baking, peel the stem with a knife removing the thick, stringy outer membrane and cut into 6 to 8cm pieces. Add to artichoke pot or tray, cooking it along with the globe. Do not peel the stem until you are ready to cook it, otherwise it will turn brown. Ensure you cook the steam along with the globe as it is also packed with fibre, vitamins and nutrients.
When preparing globe artichokes hearts always have a bowl of water with lemon juice available to submerge them while preparing the remaining hearts. This will prevent discolouration.
Preparing Globe Artichokes to Cook the Heart Globe artichoke hearts can be prepared earlier, refrigerated and used when needed. Once prepared, the hearts can be used in pasta dishes, as pizza toppings, salads or simply consumed as antipasto. Before commencing, prepare a bowl with 1 litre water and juice from one lemon. Immerse prepared globe artichoke hearts in liquid while continuing to prepare the remaining hearts. Ensure the hearts are submerged in the liquid to prevent the hearts from discolouring. To prepare; cut off the stem at the base of the globe and pull off the outer tougher bracts. When you reach the tender bracts, cut off the tips, then trim the base removing the tougher areas, and making it smooth.
Cut the globe artichoke heart in half. Scoop out the fuzzy, hairy choke  with a teaspoon or knife. The hairy choke sits just on top of the heart. The size, toughness and amount of hairy matter of the heart will depend on how mature the artichoke is and in which season the globe artichoke was picked. Cut the heart in half again (quartered now) and immerse in water with lemon juice. Continue to prepare the remaining globe artichoke hearts. Note: There may still be a slight discolouration in the heart while preparing the remaining hearts, but once they are cooked in the water and lemon juice, the brown discolouring will disappear.
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Once all artichoke hearts have been prepared and placed in water & lemon mixture, they need to be cooked. Instructions for this method are below. Ingredients: 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons lemon juice Hearts from 6 globe artichokes Method: 1. Bring water and lemon juice to the boil. 2. Drain submerged artichoke hearts and add to the boiled water/lemon juice. Bring mixture back to the boil. Lower heat and cook for 1-2 minutes until tender but firm. The amount of cooking time will depend on the maturity of the globe artichoke or the season it was picked in. 3. Remove from heat and drain. Place in iced water to cool quickly and stop the cooking process. 4. Place on paper towels to dry. Once dry, they can be place in the freezer for later use, or kept in the fridge for a few days to be added to your favourite dishes. They can also be marinated with oil, parsley, lemon juice, salt and pepper to enhance their flavour and used as an antipasto.