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MasterChef Season 5, Episode 14 Curtis Stone’s four favourite ingredients were brought into the kitchen challenging the All-Stars contestants to pick one as their core ingredient. 14th August, 2012
Guest Appearance on MasterChef, 14th August, 2012 MasterChef is a television competitive cooking show and one of the most watched and loved television series in Australia. The filming crew seek out the most passionate and talented amateur cooks from around the country. Contestants are from different backgrounds and bring to the show different cooking techniques and cultural influences. Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston judge the competition and they usually have a guest mentor. In 2012, Australia created a fifth season called MasterChef All-Stars for former contestants to raise money for charity. In episode 14, we were invited to appear on MasterChef to present our globe artichokes for the episode ‘from farm to kitchen’, giving the contestants an option of choosing them as a core ingredient for their dish.

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Aussie Chef Curtis Stone sets the next pressure test on MasterChef All-Stars Australian Chef and Coles Ambassador, Curtis Stone appeared on MasterChef as a celebrity guest. He said, ‘I love being back in Australia and I love being around some of my favourite ingredients from Australia. So I thought what I’d do is choose my all-time four favourite ingredients and I’ll let you guys (All-Stars Contestants) choose one and cook with them!’ He set two challenges for the All-Stars Contestants.
The All-Star contestants were presented with the challenge of choosing only one core ingredient for their special dish cooked for Curtis Stone. Both Callum Hann and Justine Schofield choose our globe artichokes, while Julie Goodwin chose the pork and Kate Bracks chose the apples. It was exciting to be on the set and be part of the crew. We had a wonderful day and it was a great opportunity to meet the contestants, judges, chefs and film crew.
First challenge: Keeping Up with Curtis. The contestants have to cook with Curtis making his signature dish; Lobster Ravioli, matching his speed, with no time limit and no recipe. Second challenge: Cooking for Curtis using his Favourite Ingredients. Curtis’ four favourite Australian ingredients were bought to the kitchen by Australian farmers/butcher. His all-time favourite ingredients were; pork, apples, globe artichokes and broccoli. The contestants had to pick one as a core ingredient to make their dish.