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Globe Artichokes
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Storing Fresh Artichokes When storing globe artichokes, sprinkle them with water and place them in a plastic bag. Refrigerate immediately to preserve their quality and flavour. Artichokes can be stored for up two weeks before they begin to decay or wilt and lose flavour, depending if the artichokes were fresh when purchased. Hint: You can enjoy artichokes all year, even when not in season. Take advantage of low prices at the end of the artichoke season, when you can buy them cheaper and in larger quantities. They can be stored either by freezing or pickling them.
In the 15th Century, globe artichokes were thought to possess aphrodisiac qualities, and considered disreputable to be consumed by women. So, women were denied the pleasure and they were reserved only for men!
STORING AS CUT FLOWERS The globe artichoke is actually the plant’s flower bud, and if allowed to mature becomes an impressive purple flower. Therefore, fresh artichokes are best stored as cut flowers, in a container of water. A centimetre should be cut of the stalk, so there is a fresh end to the absorb water. However, as it may not be practical to store in a fridge upright, they will still remain fresh when sprinkled with water and stored in a plastic bag.
Pickling globe artichoke hearts is easy and quick. It’s wonderful to have them in your cupboard all year around, to include them in your favourite recipes. Preparing Artichoke Hearts Preparing Artichoke Hearts R & J MAZZA PRODUCE
Globe artichoke hearts can be used in pasta or risotto dishes. They are tasty as a gourmet pizza topping, added to your favourite recipe, or simply add dressing and serve as an antipasto! Preparing artichoke hearts is easy once you know how. To prepare and cook globe artichoke hearts, click below...
Method: Bring 2 cups water and 2 tablespoons lemon juice to the boil (lemon juice prevents discolouration). These amounts can doubled depending on volume of artichoke hearts. Add artichokes hearts and return to boil, simmer for 1-2 minutes until tender but firm (depending on the tenderness of the globe artichoke heart; this will relate to which season the artichoke was harvested). Drain and place in iced water to cool. Place on paper towels to dry. Once dry; place in desired quantities in plastic bags to freeze. To prepare the globe artichoke hearts to add to pasta, pizza or other delicious recipes, see How to Prepare and Cook Artichoke Hearts.
Freezing Artichoke Hearts You cannot freeze raw artichokes. Artichokes must be blanched before freezing, otherwise they will turn brown and be unappealing both in taste and colour.