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Globe Artichokes
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Healthy salads don’t have to be an accompaniment to a main dish; they can be fulfilling meals on their own. The best salads are about quality, colours, textures and flavours, combining different ingredients to reflect a nutritious balance. Completed with a complimentary dressing, it can be the difference between dull and scrumptious. Add globe artichoke hearts to give your salad extra flavour and health benefits. These recipes are also great for work lunches.
Rocket,Tuna & Artichoke Salad Artichoke,Almonds & Mint CousCous
Artichoke,Fennel & Orange Salad
Mixed Baby Salad with Artichoke Hearts & Walnuts Artichoke, Radicchio & Fennel Salad with Feta Artichoke,Chicken & Hazelnut Salad with Lime Mustard Dressing
Pumpkin, Artichoke & Haloumi Cheese Salad Artichoke,Goats Cheese & Coriander CousCous Artichoke,Capsicum & Avocado Pasta Salad Artichoke Winter Salad Healthy Green Artichoke Salad