Globe Artichokes ... the King of Vegetables
Globe Artichokes
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Making your own preserves can not only be rewarding, but they will definitely taste better than the purchased preserves. Also you can keep it natural; avoid using any preservatives, artificial colours and flavour enhances. Buy produce seasonally as you can purchase it at a cheaper price, in larger quantities and while it is fresh and flavoursome. There are two ideal and effective processes for preserving globe artichoke hearts. They are: 1. Canning which involves heating up both the jars and the produce to a specific temperature to kill off any germs, ensuring the globe artichoke hearts are vacuum sealed in glass jars. 2. Freezing is the process of chilling foods to below zero degrees, which enables the globe artichoke hearts to keep their flavour and texture. Preserved globe artichoke hearts can now be easily added to your favourite dishes.
Preserve Artichoke Hearts in Jars
Freezing Artichoke Hearts
How to Prepare Artichoke Hearts