Globe Artichoke ... the King of Vegetables
Globe Artichokes
R & J Mazza Pty Ltd
Ross Mazza, Producer of Globe Artichokes... ‘This website was created to generate awareness for the globe artichoke ... the King of Vegetables. I have specialised in growing artichokes for many years, following in my father’s footsteps, who began growing them in the 1940’s. In the 1950’s he grew them commercially but on a small scale, as they were mainly consumed by the Italian immigrants. Although the globe artichoke has been around for centuries, being one of the oldest known vegetables, it is surprising how many people still either have not eaten an artichoke, or know how to cook it. People usually ask me what profession I am in. Answering I am a vegetable farmer, the following question is always, “what do you grow?” It amazes me that my reply of “globe artichokes” most times receives a confused response admitting that they have never tried them, would like to try them but don’t know how to cook them, or the artichoke’s physical appearance is intimidating and appears complex to prepare. We have been producing globe artichokes on my farm since the mid 1940’s. My father, Giovanni Mazza, first grew the globe artichokes only for his own family and close friends. Although he started with just a dozen plants, over the years he propagated the plants to increase the quantity and by early 1950’s Giovanni was selling them at the Queen Victoria Market. At the time he grew multiple types of vegetables, but introduced the globe artichokes only as a side-line crop. There was little recognition for the vegetable, but as European immigration increased, in the late 1950’s and continued on to 1960’s, there was more awareness of the humble globe artichoke. Therefore, sales increase along with sales of many other European vegetables. In Giovanni’s later years, he preferred to grow mainly globe artichokes, until I joined the family business. Today, I specialise only in the globe artichokes, and as the market supply and demand has increased over the last decades, I have also introduced different varieties to provide the consumer with a range of options.
Werribee South was one of the first districts in Victoria to produce Globe Artichokes commercially.
R & J MAZZA PRODUCE Ross Mazza R & J Mazza Pty Ltd
I hope my website will assist you with all stages from knowing how to select an artichoke, how to store, freeze, prepare and cook some delicious, versatile and nutritious dishes. The globe artichoke’s powerful health benefits and low calories are exceptional; and should be included in our weekly diets to maintain overall good health. I hope once you visit this website and try our recipes, you will develop a passion for the artichoke, as we have.’